Iba a quejarme mucho del rol y después me acordé que trabajo para gente que hace mucho por el país. 
Nah, eso. Mirá si me voy a preocupar por esas pelotudeces; allá ustedes, gente de mierda.


The only thing you need to see.. Peter dinklage and Lena Heady hula hooping at a gay bar.

Básicamente estuve todo este tiempo llevando la correspondencia/expedientes a la novia de este chabon mientras pensaba en que el tipo debía de hacer un buen trabajo en la cama. LA VI A LOS OJOS MIENTRAS PENSABA EN SU NOVIO (?)
me he traumado de una manera impresionante.

Debo de ser demasiado inocente(?)

El “”“”“”“”“pibe”“”“”“”“”“”” que me gusta tiene novia y es la mina a la que le llevo las cosas todos los días, LALALALALA.



CollegeHumor: The 10 Lies You Tell Yourself Every All-Nighter





With a sense of humour.

This gif set makes me so angry at the supernatural fandom.

and this is why we can’t have nice things.

And it amazes me that this got so many reblogs. After Bela and Jo, Lisa was the most hated woman of them all and even I’d say she was the MOST hated woman, after all, she did get to live with Dean as his partner for a while. I always read about how she was an unnecesary character, that her storyline was AWFUL and that the best end for her was maybe dying. A couple of posts later, these people talk about feminism, it makes me SICK.
They didn’t even hate her just because she dater Dean Winchester (tho this was the main reason), they hated her because she was a “normal” woman. She had a son, single mom, no supernatural powers, yoga teacher, didn’t know to handle a gun until Dean taught her. She was weak to the eye of everyone, she wasn’t “badass” enough so she was a lame character.
Hell, she isn’t even considered in the “SPN ladies” circle.
Apparently, women need to know how to handle guns now to be think of as strong stereotypes and single moms are just the weakest girls in the chain of feminism.
Yes. I’m angry at the Supernatural fandom for this.

I’d hate to think of you as an adversary. I’d really hate that.

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Best TV show ever.

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